Newsletter: Lavry and Jerusalem

Newsletter from May 17, 2023:

As we celebrate Jerusalem Day (May 19, 2023), I recall my father’s first encounter with the city.
Lavry arrived in Israel as a tourist in 1935, and after a short while he technically became an illegal alien.

While rehearsing for a concert in Tel Aviv in 1937, a Jewish officer of the British police force walked in, turned to Lavry, who was already quite famous, and asked him: “Do you know the conductor Marc Lavry? The police is looking for him…”
Lavry understood the hint and fled with his wife to Jerusalem.

Lavry was captivated by the charm of the city, felt a sense of awe about Jerusalem and found himself enthralled with the its uniqueness and vast history.
In the same year he composed the Symphonic Poem Jerusalem – I, Opus 43.
In 1950, when he relocated to Jerusalem, he wrote Symphonic Poem Jerusalem – II, Opus 249.
In 1960, Lavry wrote the Suite for Orchestra Pictures from Jerusalem, Opus 293.

In addition, he wrote songs about Jerusalem – Ein Kiyerushalayim (Nothing like Jerusalem), Opus 209, Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim (If I forget thee, O Jerusalem), Opus 256 and Shki’ah Biyerushalayim (Jerusalem at Sunset) Opus 342.






The Year of Marc Lavry

Concert season 2023-2024 has been declared the Year of Marc Lavry.
We are pleased to announce that as part of the Year of Marc Lavry events, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra will perform the suite for orchestra Pictures from Jerusalem on January 24, 2024, with Maestro John Axelrod.
The full concert schedule can be found here.

Looking forward to seeing you at the concerts,

Efrat and the Marc Lavry Heritage Society