Boa Dodi (Come, My Beloved), Song

Opus: 222 Year: 1949 
Voice and Piano
Voice and Orchestra
4:00 min
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Boa Dodi (Come, My Beloved) for Voice and PianoFREE

Track 1: Recorded April 4, 1956:
Hanna Aharoni, Soprano
Marc Lavry, Conductor & Piano
Kol Israel Symphony Orchestra (The Broadcasting Service Orchestra)
Note: The arrangement in this recording was created specifically for singer Hannah Aharoni who has a unique range of four octaves.

Track 2: Recorded: February 7, 1956
Shoshana Damari, Voice
Marc Lavry, Conductor
An instrumental ensemble from the Kol Israel Orchestra (The Broadcasting Service Orchestra)

Note: Boa Dodi was written originally for Voice and Piano. Lavry also wrote an arrangement for voice and instrumental accompaniment.

Lyrics: Rafael Eliaz

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In the song Boa Dodi Lavry uses an interesting meter: a 9/8 measure divided into three quarter notes and three eighth notes. Lavry often used this rhythm in lyrical music, for example in the first movement of his Concerto for Harp and Orchestra. This pattern has become a typical Lavry rhythm.

Rafael Eliaz's original handwritten lyrics

Rafael Eliaz’s original handwritten lyrics

Lyrics: Boa Dodi – Rafael Eliaz
(Transliterated from Hebrew)

Layla yored al haptachim
Lach mechakim kol haprachim!
Lach mechayech tal avivim,
Bo’i tama el kochavim!

Layla amok, leil haflagot
Kvar mafligot kol hatugot!
Kvar niftachim hamerchakim
Kol hadrachim kvar mechakim.

Sheva shanim parchu shoshanim,
Sheva shanim nas’u ananim.
Sheva shanim leylot veyamim
Otach lo shachach na’ar tamim.

Bo’a hana’ar, ani basha’ar,
Suscha atira, otcha ashkir!
Eshak Lacherev, Libcha li teref,
Bo’a hana’ar, bo’a dodi.



Salute Concert to Marc Lavry
June 17, 2012 8:30PM concert at the Enav Center in Tel-Aviv
The song Boa Dodi performed by
Soprano Claire Meghnagi
Pianist Irena Friedland