Daliat El Carmel, Rhapsody

Opus: 314 Year: 1961 
Symphonic Orchestra: pic,2,2,eh,2,bcl,2,cbn-4,3,3,1-timp+3-hp,pn,cel-str
18:00 min
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Mendi Rodan, Conductor
Kol Israel Symphony Orchestra (The Broadcasting Service Orchestra)

Note: In 1961 Lavry wrote the composition for pic,2,2,eh,2,bcl,2,cbn-4,3,3,1-timp+3-hp,pn,cel-str. In 1962 he re-orchestrated it for a smaller symphonic orchestra: pic,2,2,eh,3,3-2,2,1,0-timp+1-hp-str.

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

After a visit to the Druze village, Daliat EI Carmel, Marc Lavry wrote the rhapsody describing village life.
The opening is slow and depicts the tranquility of the village; next comes a “Fantaziah” which is vivid rhythmical Debka dance with all its bright colors after which the oriental calmness that immerses the village.
Prominent features are the oriental melodies, the variety of percussion instruments and the importance of the flute part. The strings, with their melodic intricacies and repeated unison and pizzicato passages, provide an “oriental atmosphere”. Enhanced by the pervading chromaticism — the use of semi-tones — which suggest the smaller intervals of oriental music albeit on European instruments.



September 17, 2007
Haifa Symphony Orchestra
Aharon Harlap, Conductor