Newsletter: The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra opens with Lavry

Newsletter from October 9, 2023:

Participating in “The Year of Marc Lavry“, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra will open the season with the performance of the symphonic poem War and Peace. Tickets can be purchased at the Philharmonic Orchestra’s website for the concerts in Tel Aviv on October 21 and Jerusalem on October 22.

Photo by Yuri Shkoda80(!) years have passed since the composition was performed by the Israeli Philharmonic conducted by Georg Singer on November 6, 1943, at the United Nations Music Festival in Alexandria, Egypt.

The composition was written in 1943 with the news broke about the fierce fighting between the German and the Russian armies in Stalingrad and the victory of the Allies. The news concerned the Jewish community in Israel, and Lavry, who felt that this war was fatal for the Jewish people, recorded his emotional turmoil in this symphonic poem.

We are excited that the Israeli Philharmonic chose to perform Lavry’s War and Peace and hope to see you at the concert.

Click here for the full list of concerts during the Year of Marc Lavry.

Efrat and the Marc Lavry Heritage Society