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Newsletter from October 24, 2013:

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Music was central to the Lavry family and father Marc, who was a funny guy, even joked through sounds. (There are countless stories like the one we are about to share – feel free to ask for more.)

Daughter Efrat shares with us a letter she received from her father shortly after her marriage to Haim Zaklad. Lavry wrote the letter during his stay in Los Angeles.
Lavry's letter from Los Angeles

The letter relies on internal family references so Efrat “translates” it for us:

My Effie’le,
I was happy to hear a) Your voice b) That you two are doing well c) That the you’re both happy

Shir Ahava Love Song
[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Love Song@Shir Ahava/Shir Ahava – Soprano and Orchestra.mp3″ captions=”Marc Lavry”]

I truly wish you much happiness and that you will live like

Zug Yonim A pair of doves (Two Visitors) – a Hebrew analogy for lovebirds
[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Two Visitors@Childrens Songs Op 200/Shnei Orchim – Chava Alberstein.mp3″ captions=”Marc Lavry”]

Mommy will also be happy and sing:

Tov Lehodot It’s a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord (from Sacred Service)
[mp3-jplayer tracks=”It’s a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord@Sacred Service/Sacred Service Part I – Prelude – Tov Lehodot.mp3″ captions=”Marc Lavry”]

When you come again for a visit [in Israel] we will dance

Sherale Shera’le (a Chasidic dance that was popular in wedding receptions)

I am happy at the Bermans even though I need to talk and play a lot….

Percussion A dance rhythm (Lavry stayed with the Berman family, and their young daughter wouldn’t let go of Lavry and insisted that he play the piano again and again so she could dance.)

On behalf of the Marc Lavry Heritage Society we wish that

Kach Tov Li your heart will be filled with song (Kach Tov Li / I Feel So Good)
[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Kach Tov Li / I Feel So Good@Kach Tov Li.mp3″ captions=”Marc Lavry”]

Efrat and Orie

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