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The Exuberant Valley

Hagai Hitron, Haaretz Newspaper, May 4, 2011 The Independence Gala concert of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra will include Marc Lavry’s Symphonic Poem “Emek” that debut in 1937. Harpist Efrat Lavry, daughter of the composer, writes that the symphonic poem — based on Lavry’s song Shir HaEmek which he wrote to the lyrics by Raphael Eliaz,…

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The immortality of a melody

Yesterday, March 23, 2011, my musician friend, Vadim Bordeaux, who had just returned to Israel from a trip to Riga, Latvia called and suggested that I telephone Lieutenant Colonel Dainis Vuskans, Head Conductor of the Latvian National Armed Forces and Chief of the National Armed Forces Band. In our conversation Lieutenant Colonel Vuskans told me…

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