Newsletter: Purim – Lavry Style


Newsletter from March 21, 2016:

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Efrat, Marc Lavry’s daughter, recalls:

Coaching young American singers at his home

I remember one of the many parties at my parents house. It was Purim (the Jewish holiday where people dress up in costumes). As usual, Dad sat at the piano and described in music the character of each guest’s costume as they walked in the door. Dad played sounds of giggles and tones of crying, and improvised on the piano different situations that made the friends sing and laugh.

The party was for the adults and we, the children, were supposed to already be in bed. The commotion was much and we peeked through the keyhole of the bedroom door. Suddenly the door opened wide and Danny, Varda and I fell into the party. Mom and Dad laughed and let us stay a short while.
It was one of the most cheerful Purim parties I remember.

Lavry was a master of styles, improvisation and orchestration. He was able to pick a song or composition and play it in different styles by period, composers and genres.
For a Purim holiday radio show, Lavry composed variations on the song Ani Purim (A known folk song “I am Purim”) in the styles of different famous composers.

Happy Purim!

The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

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