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Translation of the Hebrew Newsletter from March 14, 2013:

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Just in time for spring, we recorded five children’s song we grew up with and loved.
In 1946, Marc Lavry, who just became a new father, composed melodies to the lyrics of his poet friends Miriam Yalan-Shtekelis, Shmuel Bass, and Ella Vilensly.

Lavry and 5-month old Efrat

Lavry and 5-month old Efrat

“Dad was a warm and fun family-man. He would play with us, taking us to hikes and trips, and was very proud of us — once he even took us kids to a meeting he had with the President of Israel, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, just so he could “show us off”…” says his son Dan Lavry. “Never did we have to be quiet while he was composing. As soon he finished his work, he would seat us all on the couch in front of the piano, playing the new composition, waiting for our “approval.” It was not his intention, but that became a family tradition, and even as kids we always felt we were part of his musical creation.”

The young singer, Lior Stern, volunteered to perform the Collection of Children’s Songs, Opus 200.
Thank you, Lior, for remaking the songs.

Click here to listen to the songs:

Information, lyrics and performances of each of the songs:
Song No. 1: Shnei Orchim (Two Visitors)
Song No. 2: Parpar Aviv (Spring Butterfly)
Song No. 3: Habuba Vehabubonet (The Big Doll and the Small Doll)
Song No. 4: Dani Gibor (Brave Danny)
Song No. 5: Mischak (Game)

Wishing you a happy spring,

Efrat, Orie, and the members of the Society.

The Marc Lavry Heritage Society.

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