Newsletter: Discovery in the Radio archive – a lost recording of Marc Lavry


Newsletter from March 23, 2017:

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While wandering through dozens of unidentified recordings that the National Library received from the Israeli Broadcasting Service, I stumbled upon a recording which style I immediately recognized. Although I had never heard the composition, Lavry oozed from it.
I identified the instruments – two flutes, cello and piano, and understood to what I was listening for the very first time.

About three years ago I was contacted by Ra’anan Eylon, who studied with flutist Hanoch Tel-Oren. Ra’anan found the manuscript of the Concerto for Two Flutes, Cello and Piano, Op. 262 that Lavry wrote for the flutist duo Hanoch and Sharona Tel-Oren in 1956.
I reviewed the sheet music and it was indeed the lost recording of the concerto!

I would like to share with you this charming recording that embodies many of Lavry’s characteristics – lyrical, humorous and an extraordinary orchestrator. This is the original recording by the Dalet Klei Shir quartet, whose members consisted of flutists Sharona and Hanoch Tel-Oren, cellist Yitzhak Blassberger and pianist Nelly Ben-Or.

Tomorrow, March 24, 2017, will mark the 50th anniversary of the passing of the composer Marc Lavry. It’s amazing how his works continue to surprise us.

Best regards,
Efrat Lavry

The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

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