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Translation of the Hebrew Newsletter from January 24, 2013:

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StatueWhile the Academy is in the midst of announcing the Oscars nominees in Hollywood, Marc Lavry is being honored with a special award from the ACUM, the Association of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers in Israel. It’s not quite the same but we are still excited…

A few days ago Efrat Lavry received an exciting invitation from the ACUM’s CEO to receive an award on behalf of her father. The Association’s Board of Directors will recognize, at a formal ceremony, Lavry’s important contribution to music in Israel.

Marc Lavry in the 1950's

Marc Lavry in the 1950’s

Mr. Yurik Ben David, ACUM’s CEO, writes:

Acum logoJanuary 2013


Re: Special Award by the Board of Directors of ACUM

I am pleased to inform you that the Board of Directors decided to grant your father, the late Marc Lavry, a special award on behalf of ACUM.

The Board justification for its decision to grant the award was that Marc Lavry was both among the founders of classical music in Israel, and one of the country’s greatest composers.
His unique, simple and communicative writing connected diverse audiences. Your father has enriched our culture by creating a large body of works of different styles. For these reasons and more the Board found it necessary to grant him this award. The value of the award is 5,000 NIS.

In addition, the Board sees the preservation and perpetuation of your father’s work as an important undertaking.

This special award will be given to you at the ACUM Awards Ceremony for Literature and Concert Music that will take place on Wednesday, January 30, 2012, at the Beit Zionei America hall in Tel Aviv. A formal invitation will soon follow.


Yorick Ben David, CEO

Efrat will donate the full award to the Marc Lavry Heritage Society.
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The Marc Lavry Heritage Society.

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