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Newsletter from July 25, 2013:

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Marc and Helena Lavry, Riga 1934

Marc and Helena Lavry, Riga 1934

In 1934, Marc Lavry and Helena Mazoh, as required by law, filed for a marriage license with the City of Riga. The license was good for a limited time. Lavry, who was working at the time in the film industry in Finland, decided he had to get back to Riga before the license expired.

However, the harsh Northern European winter was uncooperative and scheduled flights have been canceled.
Love-struck Lavry found a pilot that would risk flying him in his private plane despite the difficult conditions and the two took off. The light aircraft wasn’t strong enough for the storm, the wing broke and the plane plunged into the sea. Fortunately, a nearby ship rescued the two survivors and Lavry managed to get to his wedding the day before the marriage license expired.

With broken ribs, unbeknown to his bride, and accompanied by his faithful dog, Sherry, who was the main witness at the wedding, Marc and Helena said their vows.

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Lavry’s love to his wife knew no limits. On the last evening of his life (he died in his sleep), as their dinner guests were leaving, Marc Lavry stated to them that Helena was the most wonderful and beautiful woman on earth…

In 1940, Lavry dedicated the oratorio Song of Songs to his wife.

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