Opera Tamar at the 2012 Israeli Bible Festival

Marc Lavry’s Opera Tamar will be premiered worldwide at the 2012 Israeli Bible Festival in Ramat-Gan.

Composed in 1958, the Opera was never performed in public. The libretto by Rabbi Louis I. Newman is based on the biblical story of Tamar and Judah (Genesis XXXVIII.)

The composition will be performed in a concert form by the Ramat Gan Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Mr. Aviv Ron.

Alexei Kanonikov, Bariton (Judah)
Orit Gabriel, Mezzo-Soprano (Tamar)
Yuri Kissin, Bass-Bariton (Hirah)
Claire Meghnagi, Soprano (Barka)
Liran Kopel, Tenor (Shelah)
Netanel Zalevsky, Bass (Hetzron)
Ya’acov Halperin, Tenor (Kalubai)
The Maayan Choir conducted by Anat Morag

Hebrew vocals with subtitles.

The Opera Tamar will be performed on October 10, 2012, 9:00PM, at the Hayahalom theater, 3 Hayetzira Street, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

Details can be found at the Ramat-Gan Municipality site.
Ticket purchases over the phone at 03-6757418/65, 03-6753569, and at the Hayahalom box office 03-6121050