Shir Roim (Shepherds’ Song), Song

Opus: 208 Year: 1947 
Voice and Piano
A Cappella Choir
Voice and Orchestra
Choir, Flute, Triangle and Tambourine
2:44 min
Sheet Music
Shir Roim (Shepherds’ Song) for Voice and PianoFREE
Shir Roim (Shepherds’ Song) for A Cappella ChoirFREE

Shir Ro’im for Soprano and Orchestral accompaniment:
Netania Davrath, Soprano
Marc Lavry, Conductor
Kol Israel Symphony Orchestra (The Broadcasting Service Orchestra)

Note: Shir Ro’im was written originally for Voice and Piano. Lavry also wrote an arrangement for Voice and Orchestral and an arrangement for A Cappella Choir.

Lyrics: Raphael Eliaz

Additional details: email music@marclavry.org

Shir Ro’im became a popular song in Israel shortly after it was first performed in 1947. It has later gained the status of folk song.

Lyrics: Shir Roim (Shepherds’ Song) / Raphael Eliaz
(Transliteration from Hebrew)

Boker, boker kchol raglayim,
Veshamayim reikanim.
Mehalchim, ro’eh va’ayil
Al tlalim uvarkanim.

Sach ro’eh el ben ha’ayil:
Ru’ach rach mar’id gabcha,
Sach ha’ayil el ben chayil:
Bat zugi le’an halcha?

Sach ro’eh el ben ha’ayil:
Bein shvilim tipsa el al.
Sach ha’ayil el ben chayil:
Bat zugi ro’ah batal.

Sach ro’eh el ben ha’ayil:
Od rodemet yonati.
Al sla’im pore’ach zayit,
Al libi – ahavati.