Oved Admato (He that Tills His Land), Song

Opus: 255 Year: 1954 
Voice and Piano
Voice and Instrumental Ensemble
A Cappella with Tam Tam
1:51 min

For Choir with Small Ensemble

Marc Lavry, Conductor
Kol Zion Lagola Choir (The Broadcasting Service Choir)

Additional details: email music@marclavry.org

Proverbs 12: 11-12
He that tilleth his ground shall have plenty of bread; but he that followeth after vain things is void of understanding.

Transliteration from Hebrew:
Shma bni musar avicha
Ve’al titosh torat imecha.
Ki, livyat chen hem leroshecha
Ve’anakim, legargerothecha.

Oved admato yisba lachem
Umeradef reikim yisba rish.

Lema’an telech, bederech tovim
Ve’orchot tzadikim tishmor.
Ki yesharim yishkenu aretz
Utmimim yirtzu ba.

Or tzadikim yismach
Vener resha’im yid’ach
Netzor bni mitzvat avicha
Ve’al titosh torat imecha.