Suite for Harp, Violin and Bassoon

Opus: 310 Year: 1962 
Harp, Violin, Bassoon
9:00 min
Sheet Music
Suite for Harp, Violin and Bassoon : Full Set$24.00


  1. David’s Psalm
  2. Yemenite wedding Dance
  3. Allegro Vivace

Recording: Not yet available

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

Synopsis: The manuscript of the suite for Harp, Violin and Bassoon was found in the library of the The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.
Since the original manuscript was found at the academy, it is likely that the composition was commissioned by an ensemble for harp, violin and bassoon, but we do not know who the original musicians were.

The composition has three movements:
1. David’s Psalms
2. Yemenite wedding dance (adaptation of the movement from Jewish Dances Opus 190/192)
3. Allegro Vivace