Shir Ahava (Love Song)

Opus: 231 Year: 1950 
Voice and Piano
Voice and String Orchestra and Harp
2:42 min
Sheet Music
Shir Ahava (Love Song) for Voice and PianoFREE

Track 1: Shir Ahava for Soprano and Orchestra
Netania Davrath, Soprano
Marc Lavry, Conductor
Kol Zion Lagola Choir (The Broadcasting Service Choir)
Kol Israel Symphony Orchestra (The Broadcasting Service Orchestra)
Recorded in 1957

Track 2: Shir Ahava for Soprano and Piano Accompaniment
Gila Yaron, Soprano
Zvi Zemel, Piano

Note: Shir Ahava was written originally for Soprano and Piano. Lavry also wrote an arrangement for Soprano and orchestral accompaniment.

Lyrics: Moshe Yaacov Ben-Gavriel

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Synopsis: One of the most beautiful love songs in Lavry’s repertoire.

In 1950, Kibbutz Afikim by the Sea of Galilee commissioned Lavry to compose a play for the Shavuot holiday, written by Moshe Yaacov Ben-Gavriel. Out of the entire composition Shir Ahava (Love Song) is the only song that been repeatedly performed ever since.

This composition is one of Lavry’s most emotionally touching compositions. His deep connection to the lyrics is evident in the music as he was a sworn romantic and believed in love.

Lavry participated in the 1950 production and even conducted the event which was performed in the fields by the Kineret (The Sea of Galilee).

Transliteration from Hebrew:
Levavcha, kereach nichoach
Hatzaf al pnei mayim rabim,
Uvishchor ma’amakehem
Nishkafim kochvei hashamayim,
Kochvei hamidbar beleil kayitz,
Kereach besamim tovim
Ba’ah elay ahavato,
Al kanfei haru’ach
Ba’aviv – hamidbar,
Vata’af el meromei kochavim bashamayim,
Sham chavru nishmoteinu mikedem beterem noladu.