Me’arat Hatishbi (Elijah’s Cave), Song

Opus: 316 Year: 1962 
Voice and Piano
A Cappella Choir
Voice and Orchestra
5:17 min

Recorded in Jerusalem 1962
Lucie Arnon, Soprano
Marc Lavry, Conductor
The Kol Israel Symphony Orchestra (The Broadcasting Service Orchestra)

Lyrics: Shmuel Hupert

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

Shortly before moving to the city of Haifa, Israel, Lavry met with poet Shmuel Hupert who gave him his poem Me’arat Hatishbi (Elijah’s Cave) that tells the story of the Prophet Elijah hiding in a cave in Mount Carmel.
Lavry visited the cave and his impression of the place and the story produced a lyrical melody filled with reverence.

In 1963, when he moved to 37 Wingate St. in Haifa, Lavry wrote the symphonic poem Al Mordot Hacarmel (On the Slopes of Mount Carmel), Op. 335, in which he incorporated the song Me’arat Hatishbi (Elijah’s Cave).

Transliteration from Hebrew:
Me’ara al mordot hakarmel,
Me’arat hatishbi
Me’ara al mordot hakarmel,
Eliyahu hanavi.

Hu hibit bagalim hazakim
Be’einav hashchorot,
Hu lataf mifratzim zo’akim
Belibo me’orot,

Hatishbi hakoder, haniz’am,
Hanotetz elilim,
Hanavi, hitpalel al ha’am
Haoreg litzlilim.

Me’ara al mordot hakarmel…

Av ola menivchei metzulot,
Behira hi ha’av.
Ve’onim berakim vekolot,
Rinat am she’ahav.

Eliyahu me’osher bara,
Zer chi’uch mitgalgel.
Ra’ata rak ota me’ara
Al mordot hakarmel.

Me’ara al mordot hakarmel…