Orit Mesaperet (Orit’s Stories), Cantata for Children

Opus: 253 Year: 1954 
Voice and Piano
Choir and Orchestra
Voice, Choir and Orchestra
20:00 min

A Dec. 14, 1954 recording:
Yaffa Yarkoni, Voice
Marc Lavry, Conductor
Kol Zion Lagola Choir (The Broadcasting Service Choir)
Instrumental Ensemble

Orit Mesaperet (Orit’s Stories) Sheet Music Click to englarge

Orit Mesaperet (Orit’s Stories) Sheet Music
Click to englarge

Lyrics: Michael Desheh (in Hebrew.)

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

The cantata for children, Orit Mesaperet (Orit’s Stories), includes 9 of Michael Desheh’s poems he wrote for his daughter Orit. Lavry, whose children were about the same age, related to the situations each poem described. He composed music to 9 of them, some of which are still sung to date by children in Israel.

The songs are:

  • Boker Tov – Good Morning
  • Hamatana – The Gift
  • Hashabbat – Sabbath
  • Hageshem – Rain
  • Orit Hola – Orit is Ill
  • Orit Vehagdi – Orit and the Kid
  • Sod – Secret
  • Orit Mul Hare’ei – Orit in front of the Mirror
  • Shir Eres – Lullaby

Lyrics are in Hebrew.



The Atar Trio, with singer Ye’ela Avital, performed the cantata for children Orit Mesaperet in their program “Childhood Scenes”.