Hora, Song

Opus: 206.3 Year: 1950 
A Cappella Choir
Choir and Orchestra
Soprano and Instrumental Accompaniment
1:24 min
Sheet Music
Hora for A-Cappella ChoirFREE
Hora for Soprano and PianoFREE

Hora for soprano and instrumental accompaniment: an arrangement Marc Lavry made especially for singer Hanna Aharoni who has a unique range of four octaves.
Hanna Aharoni, Soprano
Dov Navon, Conductor
Instrumental Ensemble

Rinat Choir live in France, 1965
Gary Bertini, Conductor

Note: This song, that begins with the words “Hora nirkoda…” is the first Hora that Lavry wrote. Two years later he wrote another Hora song Opus 243 No. 1 that begins with “Hach baregel mata, mala…

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The song’s lyrics consist of two words only – “Hora Nirkoda” – which literally means “let’s dance the Hora”. Listening to the song one can clearly feel the Hora dance in the rhythm of the composition.
The song, which became very popular as soon as it debuted, was choreographed into a folk dance and is still frequently danced in Israel in celebrations such as weddings and folk dance events.



Salute Concert to Marc Lavry
June 17, 2012 8:30PM concert at the Enav Center in Tel-Aviv
Hora for Soprano and Piano performed by:
Soprano Claire Meghnagi
Pianist Irena Friedland