Emek Variations

Symphonic Orchestra: 2/pic,2/eh,2,2-3,3,3,0-tinp+2, pn,hp cemb-str

Movements: Arabic, Italy, France, Scotland, Spain, England, Romania, Russia, China, Africa, Hungary, Poland, America

Recording: Not yet available

Manuscripts: Located at the National Library of Israel Music Department, the Marc Lavry Archive, System Number(s) 990036494740205171

Synopsis: Lavry, a master of improvisation and orchestration, wrote for a radio program variations on his well-known composition Emek, Symphonic Poem, Opus 45. He envisioned how the composition would sound had it been written in different countries. With talent and humor Lavry adapted Emek to the typical style of each country and at times even used motifs from known compositions written by composers from that region.

For research purposes: Emek Variations was not found in the composer’s opus book. However, it’s clearly variations on Emek, Symphonic Poem Opus 45. The score and orchestral parts were found at the library of the Kol Israel Symphony Orchestra (The Broadcasting Service Orchestra). Dan and Efrat, Lavry’s children, also recall the performance of the Variations at the YMCA hall in Jerusalem, and shared that the composition was received with enthusiastic applause by the audience.