El Eretz Hacarmel (To the Land of the Carmel), Song

Opus: 315 Year: 1962 
Voice and Instrumental Ensemble
3:00 min

Luci Arnon, Soprano
Marc Lavry, Conductor
Instrumental Ensemble
Recorded in 1962

Lyrics: Jeremiah, Chapter 2, Verse 7

Manuscripts: Located at the National Library of Israel Music Department, the Marc Lavry Archive, System Number(s) 990037736310205171, 990038356700205171

Marc Lavry moved to the city of Haifa in 1963. In the years leading to it, as he started to explore a connection with the city, he composed a number of songs to texts related to the city and lyrics by poets who resided there.
In his opus book Lavry noted that the song El Eretz Hacarmel was written for the collection “Ne’imot Carmel Haifa” (songs for Haifa on Mt. Carmel).

Lyrics: El Eretz Hacarmel / Jeremiah, Chapter 2, Verse 7
(transliterated from Hebrew to English)
Va’avi etchem el eretz hacarmel
Le’echol piryah vetuvah.