Dani Gibor (Brave Danny), Song

Opus: 200.4 Year: 1946 
Voice and Piano
2:00 min
Sheet Music
Dani Gibor (Brave Danny), SongFREE

Note: The song Dani Gibor is part of a collection of children’s songs Opus 200:
No. 1: Shnei Orchim (Two Visitors)
No. 2: Parpar Aviv (Spring Butterfly)
No. 3: Habuba Vehabubonet (The Big Doll and the Small Doll)
No. 4: Dani Gibor (Brave Danny)
No. 5: Mischak (Game)

Dani Gibor for Voice and Piano – 2013:
Lior Stern, Soprano
Yoav Meir Weiss, Piano

Lyrics: Miriam Yalan-Shtekelis

Additional details: email music@marclavry.org

Marc Lavry chose 5 children’s songs by different lyricists and gathered them into one collection (Opus 200.)
The song Dani Gibor (Brave Danny) is known with another melody, a folk melody, which is still sung to date. Lavry’s melody didn’t catch mainly due to it’s descending half notes, that made it feel so sad (as the lyrics are) that it brought tears into the young listeners’ eyes.

Dani Gibor / Miriam Yalan–Shtekelis
(Transliterated from Hebrew)

Ima amra li: Dani,
Yaldi hu gibor venavon.
Yaldi lo yivkeh af pa’am
Kefeti katon.

Eineni bocheh, af pa’am.
Eineni tinok – bachyan.
Zeh rak hadma’ot… hadma’ot… hen
Bochot be’atzman.

Perach natati lenurit –
Katon veyafeh, vekachol,
Tapu’ach natati lenurit –
Natati hakol.

Nurit achla hatapu’ach,
Haperach zarka bechatzer.
Halcha lesachek im yeled –
Im yeled acher.

Eineni bocheh af pa’am.
Gibor ani, lo bachyan!
Ach lama zeh, ima, lama
Bochot hadma’ot be’atzman?