Yiftach Ubito (Jephta and his Daughter)

Opus: 351 Year: 1966 
Symphonic Orchestra: Soprano, Baritone, 2,2,2,2-3,2,3,0-timp+2-hp-str

Recording: Not yet available

Lyrics by: Sonia Brown

Manuscripts: Located at the National Library of Israel Music Department, the Marc Lavry Archive, System Number(s) 990038376370205171, 990038376350205171, 990038376380205171, 990038376340205171

Additional Details: The libretto is based on a novel by Lion Feuchtwanger.

Synopsis: Sonia Brown met Lavry in 1965 while in Los Angeles when he was invited to write the music for the film Let my People Go. She shared with him the opera she had written and Lavry, who was always fascinated by biblical stories, agreed to write the music. He started writing the opera upon his retern to Israel but passed away before he was able to complete it.

Note: At Sonia Brown’s request, Lavry recorded two arias. The arias were performed by soprano Lucy Arnon and baritone Mordechai Ben Shachar with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. In an interview with the soloists, they confirmed the recordings. Unfortunately, the recordings have been lost.