Variations for Piano

Opus: 350 Year: 1963 
Solo Piano
16:30 min
Sheet Music
Variations for Piano$21.00

Recording from March 2017
Monica Fallon, piano
Recording, Production and Editing: Eyal Zaliouk, The Classical Studio
NOTE: The recording of Variations for Piano was temporarily removed. This composition is included in the 2023 Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition. In order to to comply with rules of the competition, we are temporarily removing the recording. If you are not a competitor and require the recording, please contact us.

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

‘Variations for Piano’ Op. 350 was one of the compositions left on Lavry’s piano when he passed away.

The composition consists of ten movements: Theme, eight variations and Finale:

  • Theme – Andante Maestoso
  • Variation 1 – Andantino
  • Variation 2 – Vivace
  • Variation 3 – Andante
  • Variation 4 – Allegro Vivace
  • Variation 5 – Allegro (Scherzo)
  • Variation 6 – Andantino
  • Variation 7 – Allegro
  • Variation 8 – Andante
  • Finale – Vivo