Variation on the song “Ani Purim”

Symphonic Orchestra
16:46 min

Recording from 1973:
Hanan Schlesinger, Conductor
Yitzhak Shimoni, Narrator
Kol Israel Symphony Orchestra (The Broadcasting Service Orchestra)

1. Ani Purim – Theme and Introduction
2. Handel Style
3. Mozart Style
4. Beethoven Style
5. Rossini Style
6. Schubert Style
7. Verdi Style
8. Tchaikovsky Style
9. Grieg Style 10. Johann Strauss Style 1
1. Marc Lavry Style

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Synopsis: Lavry was a master of styles, improvisation and orchestration. He was able to pick a song or composition and play it in different styles by period, composers and genres. For a Purim holiday radio show, Lavry composed variations on the song Ani Purim (A known folk song “I am Purim”) in the styles of different famous composers.