Tanin (Crocodile), Polka and Rahav (Splendor), Waltz

Year: 1960 
Symphonic Orchestra
3:59 min

Homecoming of INS Rahav at the Israeli naval base in Haifa – 1960 (Credit: Vice Admiral Nit Maor – The Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum)

Recorded In Haifa 1960

Movements: Polka – Waltz

Sheet music: Not yet located. Please help us find the sheet music for this composition.

Synopsis: On the occasion of the arrival of the first two Israeli Navy submarines, INS “Tanin” (Crocodile) and INS “Rahav” (Splendor), an impressive reception ceremony was held at the naval base in the port city of Haifa.
Marc Lavry was asked to write music for this national event. He composed two short dances: Polka “Tanin” and Waltz “Rahav”.

Lavry recalled that the crowd was seated on the dock while the orchestra was on a raft on the water. Given the signal, the orchestra played the specific dance for each submarine and it surfaced in perfect choreography.

INS Tanin – 1960 (Credit: Moshe Milner – Israel’s National Photo Collection)

Anecdote: Unfortunately, as in some other cases, Lavry did not keep the sheet music, did not record the dances in his opus book and all we have left is the recording with an introduction in Lavry’s voice.