Shir Zikhron Ya’akov, Song

Opus: 248 Year: 1952 
Choir and Orchestra
3:8 min

A historic recording from Zikhron Ya’akov, 1952

Lyrics: Avraham Broides

Manuscripts: Located at the National Library of Israel Music Department, the Marc Lavry Archive, System Number(s) 990038410230205171, 990038410210205171, 990038410260205171, 990038410170205171

Synopsis: Hasya Shechterman, a neighbor of Efrat Lavry, the composer’s daughter, recalls: “On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Zikhron Ya’acov, the town celebrated for days. In the main stage we sang Lavry’s anthem of ‘Zikhron’. I remember how Lavry sat at the piano, legs crossed, back upright, head up and he was looking straight at us. This is how he taught us to sing the song. For days we danced and sang on stages around town. At every event and also many years later, we continued singing our anthem.”

Lyrics: Shir Zikhron Ya’akov / Avraham Broides
(transliterated from Hebrew to English)

Ein yafa od kezichron

Baruch umvorach hu masa hashanim
Mofet hachalom vehaperach
Laboker yatzanu adat akshanim
Basela lachtzov lanu derech.

Kol guy vegiv’a hem lanetzach edim
Mikan ein lazuz velaseget
Kavashnu shmama venitzachnu zeidim
Ugdola hasha’a hachogeget.

Ein yafa od kezichron

*There are 4 more verses in Hebrew