Shir Petah Tikva: Lehoratenu – Hora (A song for Petah Tikva), Song

Opus: 215 Year: 1948 
Choir and Orchestra: fl-ob-2cl-2hn-timp-str
5:00 min

Sheet music from the 70th anniversary of Petah Tikva

Recording: Not yet available

Lyrics: Emanuel Harussi

Manuscripts: Located at the National Library of Israel Music Department, the Marc Lavry Archive, System Number(s) 990035289700205171

Synopsis: For the 70th anniversary of Petah Tikva on October 24, 1948, the city of Petah Tikva commissioned a song from poet Emanuel Harussi and composer Marc Lavry with the purpose of “glorifying the name of the first Moshava (town) on its 70th birthday”. The song that begins with the words “Sing a song of thanks to mother, Petah Tikva” was sung by all the residents and students of the city.
(Courtesy of the Oded Yarkoni History Archive of Petah Tikva).

Thank you note to Marc Lavry from the town of Petah Tikva – 1948

Lyrics: Shir Petah Tikva: Lehoratenu – Hora / Emanuel Harussi
(transliterated from Hebrew to English)

Siru shir toda
LePetah Tikva ima,
Lanu va’avoda
Ilfa, kidsha, herima.

Em hamoshavot
Legil shv’im hegi’a
Lezecher ha’avot
Begil varon nari’a.

(there are 3 more verses in Hebrew)