Sacred Service, Excerpts for Children’s Choir, Cantor and Organ

Opus: 254 Year: 1955 
Cantor, Children's Choir, Org
25:00 min

Note: This is a Lavry’s adaptation of his Sacred Service Oratorio (Op. 254) for Baritone, Mixed Choir and Orchestra.

Lyrics: Hebrew Liturgy

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

Recording: Not yet available

See description of the Sacred Service Oratorio here.
The version for Children’s Choir, Cantor and Organ consists of selected movements from the full Oratorio. Per Cantor Reuben Rinder’s request Lavry made the arrangement for a children’s choir. Marc Lavry dedicated this version to Cantor Rinder.

Lavry chose the following movements for this piece:
Mizmor Shir, Lecha Dodi, Barchu, Mi Kamocha, Yismechu, Shirah Chadasha, Kadosh, S’u She’arim, Shma Yisrael, Etz Chayim, Ve’anachnu, Halleluiah