Leyad Hamedura (By the Campfire), a Small Suite for a Small Orchestra

Opus: 295 Year: 1960 
Unconventional Orchestral Ensemble: 2,1,3,0-
8:00 min

This recording was found in the composer’s personal archive and it starts with Lavry himself introducing the composition.
Often, when Lavry recorded for Radio programs, he would come home with the sound engineer to complete the final editing. They listened to the different “takes” and chose the final one. It’s likely that this is a copy of the final cut of Leryad Hamedura (By the Campfire).


  • Hospitality
  • The Most Beautiful Woman
  • The Feast
  • Eagles’ Dance

Manuscripts: Located at the National Library of Israel Music Department, the Marc Lavry Archive, System Number(s) 90038388980205171

Synopsis: Lavry wrote the suite Leyad Hamedura (By the Campfire) for a radio program. He recalled a visit to a Bedouin tent. He was impressed by the hospitality, the good food and the Debka dance that the men performed for him. In his imagination Lavry compared the dancers to eagles with their strength, gracefulness and balanced aggression.