Karmiel, Song

Year: 1964 
Voice, Choir, Symphonic Orchestra: 1,1,2,1-1,3,1,0-hp-timp+2-str

Recording: Not yet available

Lyrics: Ya’acov Orland

Manuscripts: Located at the National Library of Israel Music Department, the Marc Lavry Archive, System Number(s) 990038279260205171, 990038279240205171, 990038279250205171

Synopsis: In 2014, Efrat Lavry was at a concert in which the Na’amat Choir sang Marc Lavry’s songs. At the end of the concert, a lady turned to her and told her that exactly 50 years ago, while in the Haifa Municipal Youth Choir, she participated in the founding ceremony of the city of Karmiel. She remembered that the Haifa Youth Choir went to Karmiel by bus to sing the song that Ya’acov Orland and Lavry wrote in honor of the inauguration ceremony for the new city. Prime Minister Levy Eshkol arrived by helicopter (this made a great impression on her, as a child). She also recounted that Lavry conducted a large orchestra.

As in many cases, Lavry did not record the song in his opus book.