Israeliana, Suite for Violin and Orchestra

Opus: 258a Year: 1955 
Violin, Symphonic Orchestra: 2,2/eh,2,2-2,2,1,0-timp+1-pn-str
14:30 min

Prelude – Flocks – Feast Dance – Hamsin (Heatwave) – Ancient Oriental Dance – Druze Dance

Note: This version (Op. 258a) is for Violin and Orchestra. Israeliana Op. 258 is written for Symphonic Orchestra, Op. 258b is for Violin and Piano, and Op. 258c for Piano Solo.

A live recording from a concert at the YMCA music hall in Jerusalem (year unknown):
Shimon Mishori, Violin
Heinz Freudental, Conductor
Kol Israel Symphony Orchestra (The Broadcasting Service Orchestra)

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

The six movements of the composition, as Lavry described them, are:

  • Andante Maestoso – Prelude: A choral in a ethnic rhythm, kind of a slow Hora.
  • Allegretto – Flocks: A picture of the flocks on the Galilee mountains and a shepherds’ dance.
  • Allegretto – Feast Dance: Allegretto in six-eighth meter.
  • Andante – Hamsin (Heatwave): Monotonous andante.
  • Andante – Ancient Oriental Song: An arrangement of an ancient song I heard sung by Bracha Zfira.
  • Allegro – Druze Dance: A Debka as I saw it being danced by young Druz men, masculine and war-like. The dance always excited me and I found that arranging it was emotionally cathartic.