Hatzabar (The Cactus), Song

Opus: 272.2 Year: 1958 
Voice and Piano
3:30 min

Recording: Not yet available

Lyrics: Lea Goldberg

Sheet Music: Not Located yet

Synopsis: In 1958 Lavry wrote two childern’s songs: Hatzabar (The Cactus) and Zug Tziporim (Lovebirds). Lavry who wrote countless songs did not always keep the manuscripts. Some of the songs were preserved because they were printed in various musical booklets, in newspapers and sheet music and some were lost. Hatzabar was found in a booklet in the Felicia Blumental Music Center & Library in Tel Aviv.

Lyrics: Hatzabar (The Cactus), Song/Lea Goldberg (transliterated from Hebrew to English)
(1 of 3 stanzas)

Hoi ma amitz hu hatsabar,
Omed bifnei oyev vatzar,
Hu al chelkat sadeh shomer,
Lefardeseinu hu gader.
Lemerachok mazhir omer:
Ani Doker, ani doker!