Hahachraza (The Declaration), Song

Opus: 250 Year: 1954 
Mixed Choir
Symphonic Band: pic,fl,2cl,bn-asx,tsax-3hn,3tpt,3tbn,baritone-cb-perc
4:40 min

A recording from June 21, 1954:
Shalom Ronly-Riklis (Conductor)
Tizmoret Tzahal (The Israel Defense Forces Orchestra)
The Jerusalem Choir

Lyrics: Yossef Heftman

Manuscripts: Located at the National Library of Israel Music Department, the Marc Lavry Archive, System Number(s) 990038355840205171, 990038355870205171

Marc Lavry was a staunch patriot. When poet Yosef Heftman presented his poem “Hahachraza” (The Declaration) Lavry had a strong reaction and empathized with the text, which describes the events that led to the establishment of the State of Israel and the Declaration of Independence.

The chorus begins with the words: Degel tchelet velavan, 
Im kochav magen david, which stands for “A blue and white flag with a Star of David”, a patriotic salute to the flag.

Lavry agreed to compose the song per Heftman’s request. He felt it was his national duty to do so.

Both before and after the establishment of the state, there were discussions about changing the national anthem. Lavry was among those who thought the lyrics of “Hatikvah” were no longer relevant to the new country, and the melody, which is a Moldovan folk song, was inappropriate. He believed that the song “Hahachraza” (The Declaration), with its patriotic lyrics, was better suited to serve as an Israeli national anthem. He proposed this to the state leadership, but the decision was made to keep the “Hatikvah” as the Israeli national anthem.

Lyrics: Hahachraza (The Proclamation) / Yossef Heftman
(transliterated from Hebrew to English)

Ein dayam shofrot teivel kulah,
Nevaser bsorat hahachraza,
Lamerchav paratznu migolah
Keshimshon besha’arei azah.

Bagalil od sa’aru keravot,
Riv hamavet ravu bnei etzion
Ach ha’or higi’ha balevavot
Labsora ki ba ketz hechazon.

Degel tchelet velavan,
Im kochav magen david,
Bayabeshet umiyam ad yam
Tesaper kvodeinu ad olam,
Degel tchelet velavan,
Im kochav magen david,
Hach baru’ach me’eilat ad dan
Degel tchelet velavan.

Al chofeinu sheniknu bedam,
Na’areinu tipuchei ha’or,
Ya’alu achim sve’ei nudam
Bayit lehakim le’elef dor.

Cherpatech asafnu yisrael,
Komatam lo od tikof tishach,
El shnotecha ba mo’ed go’el
Chamishi zeh be’iyar tashach.

Degel tchelet velavan…