Violin and Piano

Four Pieces for Violin and Piano

Opus: 236 Year: 1950 
Violin and Piano
9:55 min
Sheet Music
Four Pieces for Violin and Piano : Full Set$18.00

Efrat – Dani – Ima (Mama) – Varda

From Hebrew Melodies, Jewish Music for Violin and Piano (available for purchase on Amazon)
Miriam Kramer, Violin
Simon Over, Piano

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

Shortly after the birth of his youngest daughter, Marc Lavry wrote, four short pieces that capture the personality and character of each member of his family: Wife (Helena — Mother), and three children (Efrat, Dan and Varda.)
The composition was first performed by Lavry at the Piano and a violinist colleague at a family gathering at their home. After each movement he quizzed the family to identify who the subject was; it was a no-brainer and they got all answers correctly.

The composition includes four movements:

  • Moderato – Efrat
  • Marcia – Dani
  • Adagio (Lullaby) – Ima (Mother)
  • Vivace – Varda