Eich Naflu Giborim (How the Mighty have Fallen), Cantata – II

Opus: 340 Year: 1965 
Baritone, Mixed Choir, Strings, 3 Horns, Timpani

An illustration by Lavry himself for Cantata Eich Naflu Giborim

Note: In 1965, Marc Lavry composed a cantata Eich Naflu Giborim (How the Mighty have Fallen) – II, Opus 340, based on the biblical text “Thy Beauty, O Israel, Upon Thy High Places Is Slain” for Baritone, Choir, Strings, 3 Horns and Timpani. It was the second time he used the same text. In 1937 Lavry composed the cantata Eich Naflu Giborim (How the Mighty have Fallen) – I, Opus 41, for Baritone/men’s quartet and Symphonic Orchestra.

Unfortunately, while the piano version of the piece exists but most of the orchestral score has been lost. We hope it is found…



Recording: Not yet available

Lyrics: Samuel II, Chapter 1:19

Manuscripts: Located at the National Library of Israel Music Department, the Marc Lavry Archive, System Number(s) 990036496230205171, 990036496250205171, 990038356620205171