Chayei Adam (Life Cycle), Suite Grotesque

Opus: 290 Year: 1959 
Narrator, Symphonic Orchestra: pic,1,1,eh,1,bc,1-2,2,1,0- pn,cel,accordion-timp+2-str
22:00 min

A baby is born – Skating – By the campfire – First love – Military service – Wedding – The boss and young secretary – Political speech – Aging – Regressing back to childhood & Finale

Recording from 1959:
Marc Lavry, Conductor
Entertainment Ensemble of Kol Israel
Itzhak Shimoni, Narrator

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

Chayei Adam (Hebrew for Life Cycle) consists of ten episodes that masterfully describe the progression of a person’s life through their personal milestones. Lavry’s humor and wittiness come to life in this composition.

The Israeli Broadcasting Service was invited to submit a composition to an international contest of European stations. It was decided to send Lavry’s suite with link-passages by Dan Almagor and narrated by Itzhak Shimoni.