Chatuna (Wedding), Suite

Opus: 60 Year: 1937 
Male Quartet and Small Orchestra: T-T-B-B 1/pic,0,1,0-0,1,0,0-timp+1-pn-str
Small Orchestra: 1/pic,0,1,0-0,1,0,0-timp+1-pn-str
10:00 min

Movements: Overture, March, Minuet, Joker (Badchan), Polka

Recording: Not yet available

Manuscripts: Located at the National Library of Israel Music Department, the Marc Lavry Archive, System Number(s) 990038369170205171, 990038369090205171

Synopsis: The piece humorously describes the dancing and the atmosphere at a typical Jewish wedding. Note: Lavry originally wrote the suite Wedding (Chatuna) in 1937 for male quartet and small orchestra (opus 60). It was 10 minute long. In the following year he arranged the suite for a small orchestra (opus 60a), which ended being 17 minutes long.

Anecdote: In his opus notebook, Lavry noted in brackets the word ‘Grotesque’ to emphasize the cheerful mood of composition.