Israeliana, Suite for Orchestra

Opus: 258 Year: 1955 
Symphonic Orchestra: pic,2,2,eh,2,bc,2,-4,3,3,1-timp+2-pn,hp-str
15:00 min
Sheet Music
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Prelude – Flocks – Feast Dance – Hamsin (Heatwave) – Ancient Oriental Dance – Druze Dance

Note: This version (Op. 258) is for Symphonic Orchestra. Israeliana Op. 258a is written for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 258b is for Violin and Piano, and Op. 258c for Piano Solo.

Recording: Not yet available. A recording is available in the Violin and Orchestra version (Op. 258a).

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

The six movements of the composition, as Lavry described them, are:

  • Andante Maestoso – Prelude: A choral in a ethnic rhythm, kind of a slow Hora.
  • Allegretto – Flocks: A picture of the flocks on the Galilee mountains and a shepherds’ dance.
  • Allegretto – Feast Dance: Allegretto in six-eighth meter.
  • Andante – Hamsin (Heatwave): Monotonous andante.
  • Andante – Ancient Oriental Song: An arrangement of an ancient song I heard sung by Bracha Zfira.
  • Allegro – Druze Dance: A Debka as I saw it being danced by young Druz men, masculine and war-like. The dance always excited me and I found that arranging it was emotionally cathartic.